Audio from Onkyo receiver through HDMI splitter catch 22


Mar 27, 2011
I have a cable box and BD/CD player conneced to a Onkyo TX-SD313 receiver. The receiver audio output powers a 5-1 surround speaker system. The receiver's HDMI out goes to a 1x4 HDMI splitter then to the main TV and through HDMI extenders to TVs in other rooms. In the default HDMI setup the speaker output works but the receiver will not pass audio over the HDMI output so the remote TVs have no sound. In Hardware settings, if I set "Audio TV Out" to Yes the receiver sends audio over the HDMI out but turns off the speaker output.

I realize I could place the splitter between the cable box and the receiver so that the remote TVs could get sound but then they loose access to the Blueray player which is also used for streamimng video.

Is there any escape from this catch 22?
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