Audio I/O connection with RCA cables functionality


Nov 25, 2013
Hey guys I'm not too sure if this is the correct forum but I have pc with Audio I/O connectors like these:
and was wanting to purchase these speakers for my pc:

The speakers have RCA connectors and was wondering if that'll work with the Audio I/O female ports I have. Sorry if these connections work and are widely understood to work well with each other, I'm fairly new to the audio community and would really appreciate any insight anyone can offer.


Feb 22, 2012
"speaker system also features RCA and 3.5mm input jacks in the back" you can use a AUX cable and plug them in directly to the computer. It comes with a cable with 3.5mm male plugs on each end. Plug into green port on motherboard and green port on the back of sub box.
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