Question Audio/video connections

Jan 12, 2023
Here is what I have Laptop computer with internet and HDMI port and music in the cloud, Panasonic Plasma TV (TH-46PZ80U) not a smart TV, Haden karden 590i receiver, and old surround sound speakers, panasonic and logitech.

I would like to attach all of this together to create a theater system. Can this be done with the components I have?, what else will be needed, how would you connect these components together (along the lines like this: receiver to TV or laptop), or is it better to try to sell what I have and get something that will be easier to use? If so, what do you suggest?

Thanks for your time and any assistance you may give. Peace
That 590i is a stereo receiver, you can connect normal speakers to that but it won't be surround sound.

Laptop HDMI out to the TV, Laptop audio out to the aux in (or tape in) on the HK receiver, you have your video and audio. If that TV has an audio out analog port, can connect that to the receiver.