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Sep 1, 2013
ok i play this phone game its nothing all thaT IMPRESSIVE ALONE . But i have fun and im really into it . So i have several ways to play on pc and build "skeleton accts " well i recently purchased a builder and it was fine for a few days then i logged in and got the Message another player is on line . Cant be true i had several accts that where in the builder that would actually sell for several 100 dollers . They are stored in android ids you enter into the build software. So i have removed any and all emulators i have even went as far as a out of the box restore > The customer service is lacking as it is for any of the programs that me and my fellow players use to play the game on a p.c. most are just GUYS WHO HAVE WROTE A bot to play auto with . could it be trapped in program 86 files i have erased every instance i can find can some one give me some advice? also i nlove to get the autos and macros that people have developed there are several for the games i play and find the diffrent options that each one has interesting. so any macro or bots torecomend trying sounds fun to me any suggestions


Please stop with this nonsense , nobody here has a clue as to what your talking about as you have not made your issue clear at all as well as the game itself.
I'm closing this thread as I did the other duplicates and your more than welcome to post a real issue that makes sense.
Not open for further replies.