Basic "Package" For New Windows Install


Mar 19, 2016
I am going to be done installing a fresh copy of Windows 7 soon and the first programs I want to download is my Antivirus and other cleaners. I want enough programs to keep my computer fast and safe but not too much to where it starts slowing my computer down and programs start conflicting. What is a good basic package of programs to download to prevent threats and keep my PC running optimally? Thanks.

Shaun o

It would be a nice thing to think of it that way.
But when people complain about how slow there system is.

It is not just down to if you have any antivirus software install or any malware software also installed.

Its down to people not paying attention to what they are doing on there own system, and installing software not needed or paying no intention to what they are doing, or installing.

To keep a Pc running optimally in the first case it requires that, because a pc only does what it is told to by the user of it.
And no one can deny that.

It`s about when things go wrong of asking a simple question of yourself for example what was the last thing I did when using it.
And just taking a simple step backwards.
But also paying attention to things like when you are installing programs you wish to use on your system.

Take for example this, lot`s of people install software and then just rush through it clicking next, or ok.
But don`t actually read what is right in front of them.

For example when you install programs you may be asked if you wish the program to auto run.
For every program you say yes to.
It will load the program or tray application to run it after windows has loaded.
But if you clicked yes for it to auto run on every program you installed.

Each one running will eat into the free system memory you have fitted to the system.
And the more programs or tasks running at the same time.

Cause longer loading times of windows, less free system memory and a cpu that is busy having to handle all the tasks and processes then running.

So the system slows down to a crawl and things seem to take for ever to run or load.
Sadly that is human nature, some people seem to think a PC will just see the problem and sort it out.
But remember from a user point, it only does what the user of the system does to it, or tells it to do.

So just like you wash your beloved vintage card, and polish it every weekend spending hours on it.
The same applies to your PC or personal computer.

So if you set a side a regular regime at a regular time each week, pay attention to what you are doing you will always have a pc that runs fast as the day you first bought it or turned it on.

Sadly again people don`t realise the pc is not the problem, but the person using it, and how they use it.
All it simply does is collect the garbage and trash you make.
Then they complain on how slow it is a few months or a year after using it.

Any way yes, Antivirus is a must, and malware detection software.
Also a good fire wall if you choose not to use the one provided by the windows OS.
Paying close attention to what you are installing and read what it says when installing all programs instead of just quickly clicking next.

Setup a regular Scan disk, and de fragment schedule in windows for the hard drive in your system to keep them fast and error free.

And stick to set folders for programs, or downloads or for anything you personally do on your own system.
Regular deletion of old files not needed, and empty the recycle bin of windows when required.
Limit the amount of programs that wish to auto start after windows has loaded.

There is no point in having something auto start if you never use it.
Or use it on rare occasions.
As said it will eat up system memory the longer the auto start list of programs get.
And slow the cpu down of the system because it is doing tasks or processes it does not need too.


Mar 19, 2016

I don't have an SSD. Also, you don't recommend an Antivirus?


Mar 19, 2016

This did not help at all with my question.