Battery: Is higher watt better?

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Nov 20, 2013
I ordered a battery to replace my old battery on a netbook.

The battery I was supposed to order was a 48 Watt battery on a 10.8 Volt System.

The battery I recieved was a 58 Watt Battery on a 10.8 Volt system.

The dealer says the battery I received, 58 Watts, will last longer than the 48 watt battery, I ordered.

Both batteries are the correct voltage for my power supply and presumably my netbook. (I know that W=V*A), so the dealer's story makes some sense if the 58W battery reflects the storage capacity.) Obviously, a longer battery life would be beneficial to me.

In order to get the maximum battery life, should I keep the 58 watt battery or try to get the 48 watt I ordered? Thanks.
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