Bazinga! Not Sure.

Oct 31, 2018
So, first of hello and thanks to any support upfront.

I have a Acer laptop, I use an external screen using HDMI, the laptop is rather old, and have never showed signs of this bazinga phenomen, I use a razor widow keyboard, plugged into the laptop and a mouse, all four objects old.

As of today the keyboard or computer has shown signs of computeria, a disease that makes it go into a frenzy. I have searched far and wide for answers to the problem, but only found people with one of the many issues I am experiencing.

1. The keyboard / laptop sometimes refuse to put the letter I pressed on display. Making it seem the key is dead, but occasionally if pressing the key it presses three or more keys let's say the key opens your character sheet, it won't do that, but makes your character sit, laugh, and attack at the same time as if one key was bound to multiple keys. Yet on the other hand if I press let us say Q it opens my character sheet attacks and sits down.

It's like the keys change every second' one moment the C key is C, but changes to Q A X the next. Like they are scrambling around.

2. The computer after interacting with a program say opening start or trying to search for keyboard in the search field starts opening other programs regressing opening and closing, highlighting and shadowing sub folders, opening internet tabs using search engines I never use, I use Google, but it spam opens tons of fanes with bing. It even went as far as opening my folders displaying documents, sub folders on the drive while opening websites and doing other things.

I have the windows protection system with the standard protection with everything enabled, so I doubt it's a keylogger or some hacker.

I haven't spilt anything on any parts, it has only occurred today, showing no signs of this ever before.

Not sure, please help a fella out.

Seems I figured it out, not sure what is causing it, but the external keyboard or the laptop is no longer compatible it seems.

When I unplug the keyboard and use the laptops it works without any issues, but the external keyboard has been working for years so not sure If it's the keyboards or the laptop.

If anyone know what could be causing it to mess up please so tell.


Apr 20, 2018
Just sounds like your keyboard has come down with senile dementia. It's just old age and its time to retire the keyboard and replace it with a younger model.