Best Android Phone for Boost Mobile for under $150 ?

Benjamin McLean

Mar 29, 2014
I currently have a Kyocera Hydro LT from Boost Mobile. The phone is often very slow (even after factory reset) but I like how much memory it has for storing apps compared to some other old devices.

A 4 inch screen (at least) would be good. I'm visually impaired so a bigger screen would help.

One thing I like to do is watch Flash movies (like Homestar Runner) by side loading the old Flash player and opening the swf files with Dolphin Jetpack. If the newer versions of the Android OS prohibit this then I'll want to stick with an older version. Another thing: it has to run Final Fantasy Dimensions.

I bought a cheap tablet that will let you load in a 32 GB SD card ... but won't let you install apps on it. Whoever thought of that needs to be fired, cause that's just criminally stupid. So I don't want a phone that's intentionally crippled like that.

So basically, I really need a new (or is refurbished any good?) Android phone that works with Boost Mobile's service, has a fast processor, lets you add an SD card and isn't crippled. Any advice?


Feb 18, 2014
I would suggest this certified pre-owned Samsung Galaxy S II.

It is $10 over your budget, but I think it is well worth it for the better hardware you get.

The certified pre-owned phones seem like a great deal to me. I have never dealt with boost mobile before so I can't say anything about their reputation. But I would imagine these pre-owned phones are in pretty good shape.

Also says they put the latest software on their pre-owned phones so it might even come with Android KitKat, or at least Jellybean. I know on my phone which has android jellybean (like 4.1.2 or something like that) I can move some apps over to the sd card. But with 32GB (or even 16 is pretty good) of built-in storage, you shouldn't have to worry about running out of space.

Hope this helps.