Best Headphones to Pair with my Microphone


Aug 26, 2012
I've used a Razer Electra for years and they're possibly one of my most favourite headphones I've ever used. Alas, they finally started to give quite a bit of noise in the left driver. So I need a new pair. So here is my criteria if anyone has any suggestions

What do you use it for: Games (All of them), Movies, Music

Form Factor: Over ear cups, I like them to sit cushioned around my ear, not suffocate them

Microphone: No. Have a Blue Yeti, and built in microphones are awful

Cable length/ input: Not too long, but not super short, ~1.5m (4-5 feet)

Colour: Black or white (To match the rest of my set up)

Notes: Preferably have the cups not on a swivel. The Razer Electra's cups are solid and don't move side to side, so if I can get something like that, it would be great.