Question BIOS Boot Options does not show SSD, but laptop CAN boot

Jul 25, 2019
I have already googled and tried solutions I have found but so far nothing works. Anyway, here's my problem:

My device is an Acer V3-575G. I replaced by DVD Drive with an SSD in hopes of better performance (my laptop has 1TB HDD). I cloned my system from the HDD to the SSD using EaseUS Todo Backup successfully. I checked in File Manager and Computer Management and yes, the system was successfully cloned into the SSD. When I was going to arrange the boot sequence to prioritize the SSD however, it was not on the list in Boot Options. I tried to change the Boot Settings from UEFI to Legacy as some suggested it on google to make missing drives appear in Boot Options. However, the SSD still does not appear on the list and my laptop fails to load into Windows, instead showing a black screen saying something like "No bootable device connected. Connect device and press any key to continue." So I was forced to set the Boot Settings to UEFI again and the laptop successfully booted up.

The next step I did was remove the HDD from the laptop to force it to boot from the SSD, and it worked!! It booted up successfully and I checked the Boot Options and there it was -- the SSD! So I reinserted my HDD and turned on the laptop. It again booted up successfully however, the SSD was missing from the Boot Options again! At this point, I knew that my laptop can boot from the SSD. Hence the next step I did was clean (delete the volumes) the HDD using Computer Management. Then I restarted the laptop successfully, meaning the laptop MUST boot from the SSD, right??? BUT when I checked the Boot Options, the SSD IS STILL NOT THERE. I am completely out of ideas what to do, except maybe update my laptop's BIOS? Will that help?

Thank you in advance for your interest and help!! I'd sure appreciate your suggestions :)