Black screen of death : laptop won't boot


Sep 2, 2015
As lenovo wont help me to troubleshoot my problem as my warranty is expired, I'm turning myself to the community of tom's hardware...

I bought my Y580 3 years ago without the extended warranty =(... after less than a year, I've had black screen issues : The laptop would not boot. I sent it to get it fixed under warranty and they changed both RAMs.

Two years later, I started to have the same black screen problem, although this time the computer would boot once ever ten attempt. The situation degraded to a point it would only boot once every 100 times, so I've used it for a month without completely shutting it down. It would reboot but not open if competly shut. The performance did not appear to be affected and everything ran perfectly.

What I have tryed : Checking bios version (it as the most recent version), re-installing windows 8+8.1, booting without VLAN card, hard drive, disk driver, with new ram, nothings works... the screen stays black, the keyboard light up and I do not reach BIOS screen... When i try removing either of my RAM sticks, the keyboard blinks and the computer wont boot. I also tried emptying the CMOS battery with various methods.

My guess is that it could be the motherboard or the processor... either way it would cost me at least 250$ to change them, with a chance of failure or getting the same problem after a while as they might have broke down for a reason.

As anyone experienced the same problem? How did you fix it or do you have anything else that you suggest me to try? (not that my computer wont boot at all anymore). It seems to be a frequent problem but I havent found the solution to fix it...

Thank you very much,

Hi Eric,

Your guess that it could be the motherboard or CPU is fried is correct. Since you have done most of the troubleshooting like the following "booting without VLAN card, hard drive, disk driver, with new ram" and still the PC stays on the black screen of death clearly is an indication that it's the motherboard. Most of the forums I read about this leads to sending the PC for repairs.

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