Black screen when recording streaming video


Jun 11, 2016
Hello everybody,
This is giving me a real pain! A few weeks ago I decided to find recording software that could be able to:
1.Record streaming videos in high quality
2.Record in full screen
3.Schedule a recording. (very important for me!).

Well there is a bunch of software out there, and I have now tried a lot of them... With no luck:
Every time I switch to full screen, the video output file shows nothing, except a black screen and my mouse`s movements.

There is only 1 (one!) program that has been so far able to record in full screen, Fraps. But Fraps hasnt any scheduler functions, and I really need it! Why is Fraps able to capture videos in full screen format and other programs cant gives me a real headache!

Computer specs:
CPU: Intel 7
OS: Win10 Home x64
Graphic card: Nvidia GTX 580

The streaming videos I want to record can only be streamed from Iexplorer 32 bits.
I have tried to install new codecs, updated my graphic cards drivers and so far no luck.

If some of you have any ideas out there, I will be very happy to hear about! Thank you all!