Brand new gaming laptop with VERY high CPU temps (100 C)


Apr 26, 2014
Hello everyone, sorry to trouble you all.

I recently purchased a new laptop for college, the Gigabyte P34w v5 ( and am concerned because it gets extremely hot. I haven't really done a ton of gaming on it, perhaps 20 minutes in Skyrim, but even just watching some has the CPU reaching temps of ~85 degrees Celsius. When I played Skyrim, it hit 100 degrees (tested using MSI Afterburner as well as HWMonitor).

Normally, I would think this is dust or something, but it's brand new, so that wouldn't make sense. I also have a laptop cooling pad (it's not great, but it still allows proper ventilation) under it, so I don't think airflow is too much of an issue.

100 Celsius seems much too high for the CPU, and I really do not want to shorten the laptop's life a lot by overheating it. Maybe it's an issue with the thermal paste or something? I'm really not sure, and would really appreciate some advice. Also, I know you guys aren't Amazon support, so I apologize if this is rude, but do you guys think I'd be able to return the laptop for a replacement if I showed them proof of the high temps? From reviews I've read, their sample's definitely did get hot, but only ~95C and after hours of maxed CPU usage, so I think the unit may be defective rather than the laptop itself just being bad.

Thank you :)


Jul 18, 2016
Agreed. Contact Amazon about a replacement or refund. I have yet to purchase a computer through them but have bought quite a bit of other things and they have been excellent to work with on returns. Make sure you are within the return period.