Browser and Shutdown problem


Jan 5, 2015
Hi everyone.
When i try to open any of my browser it does not open. There is no error message. And also when i try to click the restart and shutdown button(on screen)nothing happens. The laptop can only be shutdown by the power button only.
When i go safe mode everything is ok but no when i have returned back to normal mode I am facing the sane problem again.My laptop is Dell inspiron 15 7000series. Need urgent help
Run an anti-virus program in Safe Mode with Networking; update the program and have it perform a full scan. If it finds anything, quarantine/remove it, then run Ccleaner.

If you enter Safe Mode with Networking, you can download these programs and update them. Be sure to look for any suspicious programs; if you find any, remove them also.

Do you have this problem when accessing anything else?