building a laptop? on a diy laptop case?

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Apr 10, 2019
i know the building your own laptop topic comes up often, and usually the answers that you can't do it since the laptop cases are built for the motherboard they are supposed to use, so you can't put in a new motherboard, you can just buy a barebone with built in motherboard and choose some of the components

here's the thing though, even if i'd go with that option, it is still not a cheap option, since the companies who sell the barebone cases, still overcharge

but let's say i buy all the hardware ( cpu,mb, gpu, etc.) even the screen, would it be possible to build a case to fit them all in it?

because i could get a friend build the case, either pet or abs plastic, it would probably look bulkier than a normal case, but i'm fine with that

the things i'm worried about though, battery and charger and finding a strong enough fan to prevent overheating

because i assume the battery part would require some serious electrical knowledge, but if placing just a charger socket would be easy option, i'd be fine with using it plugged in, without a battery

and given given the hardware i want, i would need a fan with some serious power but also small enough to fit in a case

i believe that i can get this done, but i don't want to jump into it and invest my money and time, before clearing out the clouds about my concerns

it would probably cost me same as building a pc, but since i travel a lot, pc is not an ideal option for me

and i'd rather spend time working on this than paying 1500 for a barebone case or 3000 for a top of the line gaming laptop, i can probably get this done for 1800, and i'd have the freedom of changing any parts whenever i want to

but i'd like to hear what you all think

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I think it's going to be difficult and the motherboad will retain its identity so the machine will always be a Dell, Asus, Acer etc. You might have a better chance of success if you went for an all-in-one which is an overgrown laptop anyway. You've opted for mains electricity so you may as well go for a larger case and screen.

Good luck with it but that motherboard will dictate many choices. The larger case of an all-in-one will help on the cooling side because you could make the back panel from perspex with one inch holes to assist cooling. Either way, it's going to be noisy.


Anything can be done with enough materials, tools and expertise. If it's practical and cost effective, well that depends on that expertise and how much you will be paying for the parts and tools.

You will need a lot of work to do, design mounts for everything, screen hinges, ports, wiring routing, battery placement and cables, cooling, making sure nothing shifts or moves when you move the laptop around, etc...

Usually the answer to these types of questions is "if you don't know how to do it now and can't research how to do it without starting a new post, you won't be able to do it".
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