camera to record and stream wirelessly video to TV


Mar 25, 2015
I'm looking for camera that can:

- record HD video
- fit in hand
- is highly movable (battery, no wires)
- stream video directly to a smart TV via wi-fi or blue-tooth (in one room)
- will work as webcam / skype

the main purpose is to show directly on TV inside of some electronic devices (it should fit in devices larger than desktop or tower pc). The second purpose is to communicate via Internet using this camera during such show. Camera should be connected to PC wirelessly.

thanks for anyone for help



Mar 12, 2012

You can Have Canon LEGRIA Wi-Fi camcorders with sharing on-the-go, live streaming and controlling the camera remotely. Upload your creations to social networks like YouTube and Facebook and even watch your content wirelessly on your TV! It has the following features

Live video streaming

Enjoy live streaming of videos to Android¹ and iOS devices¹, ideal for remote monitoring and controlling. So you could view your child in another room, with the options to zoom in and out and activate recording all from your smartphone or tablet! Simply download the free CameraAccess Plus application to get started!

You can also enjoy remote monitoring out of home (excluding LEGRIA HF G30), which allows you to see what's happening at home whilst you're away. For out of home monitoring you will need internet connectivity with an UPnP-compatible router and support for acquiring a global IP address along with the CameraAccess Plus application. You can also use the optional Camera Pan Table CT-V1 to enable horizontal panning in a range of 200° directly from your smart device over the internet.

Wi-Fi remote

Control and adjust settings of your LEGRIA HF G30 wirelessly via your smartphone, tablet or PCs web browser, without the need for a router or application.

You can control a range of settings without having to visit the camera itself, ideal for when shooting in a range of environments where the camera is not easily accessible. Live View allows checking of composition and other factors. Settings that can be adjusted include Rec Start/Stop, aperture, shutter, focus, zoom, white balance.

Remote browsing

Enjoy wirelessly viewing the video clips on your camcorder on your PC², smartphone or tablet by using the 'Remote Browser' function. Your camcorder connects with your devices' web browser without the need of a router or application and is compatible across both Android³ and iOS³ platforms, perfect for use while on-the-go. You can also save your favourite clips directly to your Android device or PC. The dedicated 'Movie Uploader' app for iOS⁴ lets you save videos to your iOS device for easy upload to Facebook and YouTube over cellular network.

Big screen viewing without the cables

Enjoy stunning Full HD video when you wirelessly connect your LEGRIA to a DLNA-compatible TV. Once connected, you can control your video with the television remote control, as you would normally.

Direct Internet sharing from your camcorder

Upload movies to the internet directly, without the need for a computer! Just connect your camcorder to your home Wi-Fi network* then share movies to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and email.

They have different models LEGIRA HF 66, LEGIRA HF 68 ,LEGIRA HF G30 ETC..

For more information check here canon



Mar 25, 2015
I'm affraid those cameras don't stream "live" image to TV-set, only previously recorded movies are streamed via wi-fi.
I'm looking for solution which works like webcam but without wires.
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