Can I upgrade my graphics card or cpu?

Mathew Cole

Feb 5, 2015
So I recently bought a new laptop that I would like to upgrade as it doesn't really meet the gaming requirements I hoped for. The laptop is a Lenovo Z50-75. It has an AMD A-10 7300 APU processor with a base rate of 1.9ghz and a turbo of 3.2ghz. It also has an AMD Radeon R6 M255DX with a R5. It is dual graphics btw. Any chance I can upgrade either of those? If so please give suggestions. Oh and the main board is an AMD A76M. Thanks and please help. :)

I just want to be able to play Battlefield 4 multiplayer with a decent FPS. When I play on campaign I get 25-35 FPS at high/medium settings on 1600*900 resolution, but online I only get 15 FPS. Like I said any suggestions will help a lot. Thanks!