Can I upgrade the CPU on my Dell Inspiron 7352?It is so weak(i5-5200u)to play games and to make videos


Jul 20, 2016
My dell inspiron 7352 laptop was bought at 2015 at BestBuy.
It comes with a Intel Core i5 5200u cpu and a Intel HD GPU.
It is weak on both gaming and video making.
So I'm thinking to change CPU and GPU to i7 and Nvidia's
Can the Dell Inspiron 7352 change the cpu and the gpu?
For laptops, you pretty much are stuck with what you buy. If you want a system for gaming, get one with a 960m video card or above for decent results. For CPU replacements, it's mostly a no for upgrades, especially with the newer cheaper models, for video card upgrades it's even worse, you need the video chip in a socket and only the higher end models have those.