Can only get 2-channel audio with SPDIF to A/V unit.


Oct 23, 2006
Ok my friends...I've been trying to find all the info I can get on this and I'm hearing different responses. So I figure I'm just going to post my problem and see what kind of answers I get. So here it is.

I have a MSI Diamond motherboard with built in Soundblaster X-Fi Extreme Audio HD sound card on it. It has a SPDIF output that I have connected to my Home A/V unit. It is a Sony DE945 Receiver. I have a optical cable running from the sound card to the A/V unit. I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate. When I go into my sound settings I see the option for SPDIF. I change it to that and run the tests. DTS, Dolby Pro Logic, and so forth. When I run the DTS test the blue light comes on for my receiver and it says 3/2 DTS. Everything sounds fine. Same for Dolby Pro Logic. I also run test for 24, 48, 96 PCM. All run fine. Now....whenever I try to play anything....MP3...Blu-ray...DVD etc... I only get 2 channels. and it says 96 PCM. I check all the settings in the applications I run and everything looks fine. I also installed AC3 Filter thinking that this might fix my problem and still only 2 channel. I wouldn't even mind 2.1 so my sub is getting used but no...nothing.

What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions would be great.



Jan 31, 2006
unless you have a sound card or chip that support dolby digital live on the fly encoding then you can only output stereo signal through a digital output.

creative does not pay for a dolby licence so can only out put surround sound through discrete analogue channels.
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