Can't boot Windows 10, can't hit f8, and also can't auto repair or reset because I lost the admin password

Oct 8, 2018
Running Windows10 on a gateway pc. The problem is something has corrupted my ability to boot and now I'm getting blue screen error upon boot. After failing to boot a couple of times it will automatically attempt to repair startup, BUT to do that it demands a password to access the admin account (which I have lost the password to). So now I'm stuck because all the answers I find on google require me to hit f8 for advanced boot options and as most of you know f8 doesn't work on windows 10. So the fix is to boot up and then enable the ability to hit f8 (and I obviously can't do that because it wont boot up in the first place to get that point).

So now I'm really confused on what to do. I can't boot, I can't hit f8, I can't use the repair utility because it's asking me for a password I can't remember. What do I do? Please help.

Peter Martin

Oct 9, 2014

just follow the instructions at this website. It will tell you how you can boot from usb or dvd and install windows clean, or you can just boot and do a repair first if it can find the local windows install on your computer. use the instructions to make a boot DVD or boot USB,36160.html