Can't get DTS or dolby 5.1 on logitech z5500

Al Capwn069

Jan 29, 2011
So I bought a Logitech z5500 sound system and everything works great, except I can't seem to get DTS or dolby 5.1 to work. My only options are Stereo, Stereo x2, PLII Movie, and PLII Music. I'm using an optical connection from the speaker system to a HT Omega Claro Halo sound card so I don't understand why I can't get the settings to show. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Oct 15, 2007

my receiver lights up with 'prologic' whenever i send it a dolby digital signal.
i too can choose from prologic II movie or prologic II music.
there is no option to turn off the 'prologic' part, but individual sounds come from my rear speakers.. and that is how i know the signal is surround sound and not stereo.

when you have PLII music or PLII movie selected, are you getting invididual sound from the rear speakers?
you'll know its working when sound comes from only one speaker in the back and not from the front.

what you are using to play the movie might be causing a problem.
i'm not sure if you are confused with the PLII music and PLII movie choice.. because they dont switch between 'prologic' and 'dolby digital'
if the software you are playing the movie with is decoding the surround sound signal, the program will send a signal to your card that isnt a surround sound format.
you would have to turn on the dolby digital live or dts connect encoder to put the signal back into a surround sound format.
you would need to stop the media player from decoding the surround sound signal.

if you tell us what media player you are using, maybe we can tell you how to make sure the surround sound signal isnt being decoded before being sent to your soundcard.
most media players will decode the surround sound signal with the default settings, you have to either remove the decoder or tell the program to send the audio to the soundcard using S/PDIF.