Can't Install Windows 7

Feb 17, 2018
Hi there!I have been going through an issue which has been really annoying.So I have this tablet which runs Windows 7 and came with one of those attachable keyboards with a hard drive connected to the keyboard and an SSD with the tablet.There only USB ports are on the keyboard.So I got this tablet and it had Windows 10 Education Edition Installed.The specs of the Tablet are 4 GB RAM and a 0.80 Ghz processor.The tablet started to lack in performance so I decided to install Windows 7 on it.So I make my USB bootable with rufus using MBR for UEFI and BIOS with NTFS .I booted my tablet and changed the USB priority from bios.As soon as I saved changed and pressed exit it got stuck on a little white dash on the top left.I closed and did it again and it still didn't work.I then tried to change the configuration of the bootable USB with a GPT confit with FAT32 And then it gave me an error that it could not load boot file \Boot and the error code 0xc000000d.Also I can't even reset the damn thing cause it says changes could not be made.I can't factory reset either.The tablet is from a local company so I doubt I'll get much help from them.Thanks you

Just For reference it's a Haeir Tablet
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