CDMA on boost network ... to virginmobile??

Steves Nitro

Oct 9, 2013
Programing will I have to root PHN first?? Got moto g from friend on boost... Can I swap my virgin number over to my CDMA moto g ?? Do I have to root first?? Will it allow me to change service with the ESN already tied to boost mobile
First, it's awfully hard from those choppy sentences to understand what steps exactly you are trying to do. Second of all, if you are in the United States and the moto g is still on an active contract with boost this is against the law. If the contract is up, or the phone is not subject to a contract, friend can ask boost to unlock it.

What country are you in?

It also depends on the type of network virgin runs in your area - if it's not CDMA then a CDMA phone won't run on it. Again, it's important where you are.