Certain youtube videos will not load (Across Multiple Devices)


Jul 5, 2014
Hi, this isn't your average silly question about YouTube videos (Well maybe i'm not sure :p )

So it started about a week ago, i got the issue where certain YouTube will not load, they just continuously buffer (It started on Mobile), But some had no issues.

So i began to get frustrated with it, i moved to my NVIDIA Android TV to check if the issue was my phone. The videos that did not load on mobile, failed to load on My NVIDIA device as well, but the videos that had no issues were also fine across all devices!

I started to notice a trend, i think (Not too sure) that the videos that failed to load all had adverts on, and those that were ok, had no adverts. Mid roll ads can cause the issue aswell.
On my PC, the issue occurs, on the same videos but i can reload the video and all is ok.

I also tried to log out of my Google+ account as it is across all devices and the issue still occured, so i have absolutely no idea what to do. Thanks in advance.



Sep 4, 2017
Hi, I also have a similar problem on my android smartphone. To fix it I always use the storage cleaner in my smartphone's "Phone Manager" app, then I restart my device.
I do this about 1 time a month. (And almost every day when i use Pokemon go app.)