Choosing new Gaming Laptop. MSI GS73VR vs. Asus GL702VM vs. Gigabyte P37X v5


Nov 30, 2012
So after nearly three years owning a ROG G751JT, I am getting tired of a few issues that are becoming more prevalent. Namely power/audio and HDD (I am going to replace HDD either way). Having taken the first two years of university carrying around the 10 lb. beast, I would like a lighter laptop, but don't wan't to give up my 17" screen.
My top priorities are a very reliable laptop that I can use for the next four years hopefully. I want a laptop that I am not going to have to be paying for repairs or gluing together plastic parts inside when still new and I would like something with working drivers (if those actually exist).

I have had to baby my G751 every since mandatory upgrading to W10 for university when ASUS decided that they didn't really need to fully support the new operating system on their at the time relatively new machine and therefore after the first wave of buggy drivers, there has been no new driver releases for two years; meaning that every time I wanted to reinstall my operating system to get rid of my university's programs, I've had to modify files in several drivers and change registry values.

Here are the three that I think I have narrowed it down to.
I am currently looking for a good deal on the MSI to show up and will probably have bought one by the end of the month if no other opinions appear here.


Feb 11, 2015

Johnson Mike

May 4, 2016
I think you should go with the MSI because it has new Pascal based GPU inside. Even Gigabyte has it but I like and prefer MSI more than Gigabyte. Also, if you are buying MSI then don't buy the one which you linked above because its 2016 model and MSI already launched 2017 model of it which has newer 7th Generation Kaby Lake Intel i7-7700HQ processor.

Here's the link to it -

I just read that you also don't want to give up bigger 17-inch display. Well, I think you should, because you're trading 2 inches of display for getting newer generation hardware here!


Nov 30, 2012
I listed what I was looking for and you either didn't read it or just ignored it. I said that I wanted a reliable laptop, not the fastest out there. And I said that I wanted a 17" and you both listed 15". If you don't care enough to listen to what type of laptop I am looking for, what is there to make me believe that I should listen to you? I expect better from Tom'sHardware.


Feb 13, 2017
I'm looking at similar machines myself currently, also solely 17 inch.

There are newer versions available of these models with Kaby Lake and GTX 10 series:
- GS73VR 7RG/7RF (and some other variants)
- GL702VM-DS74 and GL702VS (w/ 1070 coming this month)
- P37x v6 (/w 1070 but no Kaby Lake, v7 might come very soon since the P35x v7 is already out there)

I guess the reliability of these newer versions carrying the same chassis and mostly the same internals is also slightly better because of consumer feedback being applied to manufacturing.

Best would be to sift through as much reviews as possible and base your choice on that, sites like Techspot ( aggregate reviews.

Some things I'll note out:
- The MSI is the lightest (around 400g lighter), can get very hot due to slimmer chassis, no G-Sync
- The Gigabyte has a more neutral design, thicker bezels, seemingly can become very loud under load, no G-Sync, no Thunderbolt 3 for possible future expansions of external graphics card
- The Asus doesn't have RGB keys, has G-Sync, no 4K display option available (yet), less noise/heat because thicker chassis

G-Sync is welcome when e.g. your screen refresh is 60Hz and your framerate drops below 60FPS - will smooth out the imaging. I believe it hasn't much effect above 60FPS.

Lastly also note whether you'd like a 1060 or 1070, the latter is my preference because it's more future proof (since you stated you'd like to use the machine for like 4 years), However, it also greatly increases the price of the machine.
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