Community Survey: Best and Worst Laptop Brands


Hey everyone!

As part of an editorial-community collaboration we want to ask you, The Community, your opinions with Laptop brands! All you have to do is fill out the survey below:


Do you have stories about your laptop and your experience with a certain brand? Let us know, I want to hear your thoughts.


My oldest daughter is on her 3rd laptop. The first two were older HP's, one she destroyed, the other just melted. Her current Dell just looks beat-up, so far. I gave my Asus to my middle daughter, she used it through college and apart from the odd scratch (covered by multiple bumper stickers) still works like a champ. She doesn't game, but it a social media queen, so it's perfect with the larger screen.


The current one I have is a Macbook Pro (2016). I generally use it for remote work nowadays, ever since I upgraded my gaming PC! Previously the last Macbook I had (2008?) was for undergrad and when I wasn't running it in the ground trying to render video I was using it to play World of Warcraft. :lol: That thing lasted me almost ten years!!

TJ Hooker

Apr 15, 2014
Haven't owned a laptop recently, but I had an Asus G75VX from 2013 to 2015 and loved it. It was a massive desktop replacement type gaming laptop, but I knew going in that portability wouldn't be great (and I didn't need it to be). Ran cool and quiet, even with the GPU overclocked. I ended up bricking it at one point messing around with BIOS modding and Asus authorized an RMA basically no questions asked. There were some QC issues: first one I bought suffered a sort of screen flickering or strobing (can't quite remember the exact issue) whenever brightness was <100%. Exchanged that one easily enough, but on the 2nd one I got the screen bezel clips didn't work 100% so occasionally it would pop out slightly at one corner of the screen (but could be easily pushed back and click into place).

A friend of mine also bought the Asus Zenbook UX305 on my recommendation around 2015/2016 (low performance needs, lightweight and good battery life), and she seemed to still be really pleased with it a year or so after she bought it (haven't really talked much since). It came out around the same time as the Macbook (the version that wasn't "Pro" or "Air"), and the UX305 had nearly identical specs for literally half the price.
Jun 28, 2018
I was using my hp dm3 laptop for about 6 years until it's motherboard disfunctioning, very great and damnn good built quality. then using lenovo yoga 500 2 years, until I felt it's hinge is no longer safe. Then now I'm using Asus rog gl503ge and very happy with it's tank built and fast performance


Apr 20, 2013
I guess the survey is for Windows platafrom only, because of course any mac laptop is superior. I still have my G4 with Tiger (bought it in 2004) and works like a champ.