Confusion between non ARC HDMI and HDMI ARC


Jul 9, 2017
I have a Sony Bravia KLV NX 500 with 4 HDMI IN ports. The TV has no HDMI or Optical Out slot.

I have recently purchased a Sony HT IVR 300 to support the audio output of my TV. It has 2 HDMI IN and 1 HDMI ARC Out port.

1) is it possible for me to connect the Home Theatre to the non arc component of the TV? Can i still get the sound of tv via HDMI. If not what's my alternative?

2) I also have a HD Set Top Box (Satellite Box) with a HDMI IN which is connected to my Sony Tv. In order to get the TV's sound via Home Theatre, can i connect the Satellite Box to the Home Theatre?

I just want to ensure that the TV's sound via the Satellite box is played on the home theater?
You can't use ARC without the TV and the HTS supporting it. Doesn't seem that the TV does that. Manual doesn't mention it and it would need to have one of the HDMI inputs labeled as ARC.
Connect your Sat box (and other sources) to the HTS with HDMI. The HTS HDMI out goes to the TV.
If you use the internal TV tuner you can connect the analog audio out of the TV to the aux input on the HTS. Won't give you digital surround sound so select a surround sound mode for a stereo source. Set the TV to output a fixed signal and use the HTS remote for volume.