Connect headset's microphone to HD558, then to my pc?


Jan 26, 2014

Sorry for my bad English, I speak French.

I'm about to buy a Sennheiser HD558, and I'll use it for gaming, so I need a microphone. Instead of buying a 40$ AntLion ModMic/V-MODA BoomPro, I'm thinking about using my old headset's microphone. Its a Tritton Kunai, and the microphone is removable and works just fine. This is what the microphone looks like:

Now, how do I connect this to my PC and headphones?
I was thinking about this (Sorry for the Paint drawing):

Will it work?

If it does, I need to find a solid 90 degrees headphone splitter like this:

but with 4 poles.
Where can I find that?



honestly i would just do this
if you dont like two cables, sleeve them together with some cheap cable sleeving.

a headphone splitter is not what you want (a splitter takes one conection and duplicates it). what you would want is a headset adapter (4pole trrs to 2x 3pole trs adapter) such as something like this and you would need an adapter on the other end. if you wanted to go about your way.

however, i would not suggest doing that as you might suffer some audio quality loss using an inferior cable. i would suggest just running the mic line down alongside the headphone and sleeving them. such as
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