Connected Computer to HDTV via HDMI-DVI Adapter - No Sound Playback Through HDTV


Mar 29, 2015
Hi all.

I'm in a bit of a bind.

Here's what I did:

I connected my computer to my HDTV via an HDMI-DVI adapter. I did this because my onboard graphics card does not have an HDMI slot, sadly, only VGA and DVI slots. I also understand that because I'm using DVI, no sound will go through my HDTV speakers with this adapter alone.

So, with that bit said, I purchased this audio cable from Amaazon: Belkin Audio Y Cable Splitter 1-Mini Plug, 2-RCA Plugs - A reviewer for the HDMI-DVI adapter mentioned that these cables will bring sound from computer to HDTV speakers.

I plugged the mini stereo plug into the headphone port on my computer and the redQA/white cable to those two ports on my HDTV. This did not do what I wanted(no sound through HDTV speakers), unless I'm doing something wrong, I have no idea. I also tried plugging the mini stereo plug directly to my computer speakers, but this did not work either.

I'm running Windows 8 64-bit and all drivers are up to date. Also, if this helps any, my display adapter is an AMD Radeon HD.

Anyone out there know what I'm doing wrong? I've searched and searched and no luck.

Another thing is that HDMI Output isn't showing up in Playback Devices, unless that is due to the fact that my computer is connected to my HDTV via DVI? Would explain it.

Please let me know if you need any additional information.



Nov 17, 2013
why not run VGA+audio to your tv? either do HDMI right from the beginning (which you can't?) or run VGA+audio. it may not be possible to do HDMI+RCA(audio) since your TV isn't smart enough to mix video from one source and audio from another.
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