Connecting a new (HDMI) tv to a Bose lifestyle system to watch cable


Nov 29, 2015
We have cable without a cable box. We want to connect the Bose lifestyle system to it. We found an adapter so that the DVD works with the tv but can't figure out how to make the cable work through it.the tv is a m class Visio with hdmi and component connections no s video.


The bose accepts Coax and Toslink optical, and the TV should have one of those. Exact model of the TV is needed to confirm, but you would need a cable for whatever form of optical your TV supports.

The Yellow jack or the squarish looking one on input 5 right underneath the yellow.


Nov 29, 2015
The Bose system is an older system that works great but it does not have a coax connection. I will try to post a picture. Thank you for the information.
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