Connecting Samsung TV via DVD Recorder and Yamaha AV Receiver


Nov 23, 2015
I have connected my Samsung 55" Ultra HD Smart TV the following way but am having trouble getting surround sound. The Antenna from the wall is connected direct to a DVD Recorder and then connects out to the TV's in terminal. The DVD Recorder then connects via HDMI cable direct to a Yamaha AV Receiver 5.1 RX-379 which in turn connects via an HDMI cable direct to the TV's HDMI ARC inlet. I can now watch TV via the DVD remote or via the TV remote. However with the DVD remote I can get perfect surround sound, but when I switch to watch TV or a streamed movie via the TV's remote I get only the TV speakers and not surround sound. I am off my tree looking for solutions as watching Netflix, Foxtel etc on just the TV's speakers is not good ( I am unable to watch these via the DVD remote). Can anyone suggest a solution? Cheers
Have you turned on the ARC function in the TV and receiver menus? That is the connection that you would use to get audio from the TV tuner and Smart functions to your Yamaha receiver.
If you can't get it to work then add an optical audio cable from the TV to the receiver for those sources.
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