Connecting Speaker to Old Pioneer A/V Receiver to New Samsung TV

Apr 13, 2018
I have connected the speaker wires and clamped them onto the A/V Receiver

I'm trying to figure out how to connect the Old A/V Pioneer VSX 51 Receiver to my Samsung TV

It doesn't have a DVD input (Only CD/VCR/..)

There is an analogy RGB RCA on my Samsung TV

I have tried connecting the RCA Cord to CD port on Receiver(White/Red) and Yellow into TV RCA slot.

My TV seems to detect an audio output from the RCA but there is not audio

Model of TV : SAMSUNG 4K MU6300

Images of connection :

Any help is appreciated

Once you've connected the speakers, does it work with your receiver' FM/AM radio?

What you want to use the VSX for - to play the sound of the TV? If so - how you're getting TV?

Or you want to see VSX' video signal (yellow Video Out) on the TV?
Apr 13, 2018

I just tried to test the radio function and it was playing it off the speaker so i confirmed it works

I just want to play the TV sound off speaker, connecting the RCA Yellow(Red/White function (seen in image)) from the tv to the receiver CD (Red/White) did not work
Yellow RCA connector(s) on your receiver are for video in/out, and you won't feed your TV with receiver' video, so leave this aside.

Looking at the Connections, page 17, it seems there is only Digital Optical Out audio from your TV. In that case, you'll need an optical-to-RCA adapter which to plug into your receiver.

ANother option would be to upgrade your receiver ;) Most modern receivers support ARC over HDMI, which your TV supports.
Apr 13, 2018

Maybe the AV in allows for it? Maybe ill try the adapter u suggested otherwise

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