Connecting speakers and headset to motherboard 3.5mm

Sep 18, 2018
I've got a x1 male to x2 female 3.5mm splitter and i can connect both my speakers and headset to it at the back of the motherboard but is it possible to make it so you can choose which one will be active at a time because at the moment both the speakers and headset are active simultaneously which isn't ideal at all.

Phillip Corcoran

I don't think that's possible when you are using a splitter since your PC cannot distinguish one from the other.

You need to have them plugged in to separate jacks (ie speakers plugged in to speaker out/line out jack at the back, headphones plugged in to headphone jack at the front if there is one). Your audio configuration utility in Windows will then know which is which.
Sep 18, 2018

My motherboard is Gigabyte Z170x Gaming 3
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