Connecting TV and Blu-ray to Receiver

Jim D

Jun 22, 2014
I currently have an HDMI cable from my cable box to a Panasonic TV, but my Sony receiver doesn't have HDMI, so for sound I have RCA cables from TV to receiver, and I get acceptable (stereo) sound from two Sony speakers connected to the receiver. I would like to add a Panasonic Blu-ray player for internet access to the mix. If I just connect the Blu-ray to the TV's second HDMI connector, is there any reason that the Blu-ray's sound won't get to the speakers via the same RCA cables, just as it does now from the TV? I ask because I think I saw on this forum a post that said it would be necessary to connect the Blu-ray via HDMI directly to the receiver. Thanks for any help.


The reason why it is suggested Bluray players connect directly to an modern AVR is because it will have the necessary equipment to deal with uncompressed surround sound, while a TV will only output 2 channels despite the input connection as you've noticed. Some TV's do compress and output an 5.1 sound track via S/PDIF but are rare the cheaper the TV is and usually only output 2 channels.

So yes it should work like your cable box does.

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