Connecting TV to Home Theater ! Is there a HDMI out to USB out cable i.e HDMI Male to USB Male

Oct 24, 2018
I basically have a TV (Xiaomi Mi 4A TV 49'') which has 3 audio output options :
1. Bluetooth

I want to connect it to my Sony DAV DZ-270 in which the Audio input options are
1. RCA
2. Aux
3. USB (Meant for pen drive Plug & Play for photos and music)This is the odd one and the only one with good 5.1 or at least superior sound quality.

I wouldn't mention the 3rd one but I am right now using a Bluetooth receiver dongle which connects to my phone etc. and the home theatre reads it as a pen drive. This method is lag intensive and messes with tempo and skips sometimes, which makes it still alright for music but impossible to use for video playback...In my opinion, a wired solution could mitigate the Lag.

All help and advice is appreciated

If nothing works I will get an HDMI to RCA cable or SPDIF to RCA converter in both cases I think I won't get great 5.1 sound.
Oct 24, 2018

Okay.. but if there is a Bluetooth dongle, is there a way to make such a thing wired as well?

Like I don't understand if we can do it wirelessly then why not wired.. possible for you or anyone to explain?
OK I did little google on the Sony, and BAM! came back Home Theater blah-blah, THAT'S WHY. Any time you have a box that says "Home Theater" is a limited connectivity box, is intended to be a budget solution, versus a full-featured AVR, Audio/Video Receiver as the center of your system.

That's what you got to work with.
YOu have basically two options (forget about USB):
- Bluetooth transmitter connected to SPDI/F on your TV, paired with the Soundbar;
- SPDI/F (optical or coax) -to- analogue converter, connected to AUX input of the Soundbar.

I'd gou with second option, and I suppose, price-wise they are comparable.
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