Convert Aux out (Headphone Jack) to Aux In on a boombox?


Aug 10, 2017
So, I have an old Aiwa Boombox that has a CD Player/AM/FM Radio/Cassette Player that also happens to have a headphone jack for private listening. The CD Player is broken and skips around songs a lot (I already tried fixing/cleaning the laser lens). So, being in the modern era we are now in, is there a way to rewire the Aux Out into an Aux In and wire it up to its stereo speakers?

I just need instructions on how to do that if it's possible, I'm willing to take it apart if need be, otherwise it's probably gonna be thrown away. Would be a great project for me to try.

Okay, so I found these 2 manuals, one being the actual manual and the other being labeled a "Service Manual, but I have no idea what to make of it...

Found this link to the manual

But it doesn't seem to be very helpful since it doesn't have any of the inside of the machine outlined...

Direct Link to PDF for Service Manual

What would be my next step?
It might be possible. Google for the service manual or schematic of the boombox. You want to disconnect the output of the internal CD player and connect those wires to the headphone jack (or wire a new jack if there is somewhere to install it).