Cracking and weird sound when recording through soundcard


Aug 21, 2013
I'm recording audio on my new bought laptop which has a i7 processor and so on, shouldn't be any probs with recording but..I have a soundcard, a Tascam us-144 and then a Sm57 mic to record my guitar. Then i use Fl studio to make a recording. But when i record some audio, first thing it's very slow in recogninzing the sound and then when i play it, the only thing i hear is some weird cracking or popping noise and sometimes my guitar. I have tried to change the latency but haven't really figured it out what it does. I have no idea what it can because my sound card shows me that it picks up sound so it must be between computer and soundcard. Thanks in advance


Dec 31, 2013
Hopefully you've found a solution already but if not the crackling and popping is because you're latency is too low with current settings, I would guess that it's under 20 ms. Try bring the latency up to 25 and also do some research on ASIO Ultra Low Latency Drivers. I myself can't get ASIO to work with my recording software and interface but it seems to be the solution for everyone else as far as reducing the latency and not having the weird distortion.
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