Dell Inspiron 17r 5721 broken screen connect to tv via hdmi

BUD Downum

Oct 17, 2013
My dell laptops screen shattered but still lights up, how can I connect to a tv via hdmi? Its running windows 8. When I connect the hdmi the tv detects its connected but is only a black screen. If connecting to tv isn't possible is there a way to remotely connect to it from my laptop? Please help!!


If the HDMI is plugged in when the laptop is powered on, it *should* automatically recognize it, but I'm not entirely sure.

If you can successfully login to windows, press 'Windows Key'+P to access the Projector (external monitor) menu. In windows 8, you can then 'arrow down' once and press Enter to choose to Duplicate Screen.

In windows 7, you can do the same by 'arrow right' and pressing Enter.