Dell Inspiron 3000 Keyboard Issues


Jul 6, 2015
Here's a puzzle I can't solve.
I have a pair of Dell Inspiron 3000 laptops (model 3147) for the kids.
Lovely little low end 2 in 1s. But the keyboards have a maddening, intermittent problem.
Some keys (on the physical keyboard) don't work.
One one kid's machine ... it's a collection of keys on the left.
On the other kid's ... it's the backspace key on the right .. and the A on the left .. and a few others.
And here's the part that galls me the most.
After updating all drivers and the BIOS ... Dad (me) pronounces the problems are solved. And they are.
Until they come back.
Restarting the computer a few hours later reveals that some keys don't work ... and I have to use the keyboard on the touchscreen to get things going.
And I can get the keys working again. But it doesn't last.
I cannot figure this out (we even have a third 3147 - my wife's - which is working fine).
These little machines are useful ... but are driving me crazy.
There is some sort of chronic keyboard problem with these units, but I am well out of warranty. There is lots of chatter on the web about "solutions" but nothing (so far) works for very long.
It's the holidays. I am sick as a dog and I have time to "play" with this if people have ideas.
I could order some replacement parts for one unit and see how that goes, but I thought I would ask advice first (I previously installed a new replacement screen for one of the units which had an unfortunate "accident" ... I'm still grateful for the help I got with that).
And so I turn to this community in hope ...
How do I get my keyboards working on my kids' Dell Inspiron 3147 computers? Not just once .. but for once and for all?
I'm trying to be a hero here!
Thanks in advance.


Take the working keyboard from your wife's computer, put it in one of the ones with the issue, if issue is fixed, you have a bad keyboard in it, replace it. If issue is still there, you may have a connection issue on the motherboard which means a new motherboard is needed. Unless simply reseating the connection fixes things.


Jul 6, 2015
I have decided not to touch the machine that works. That's an unpopular idea around my house.
The two defective Dells are now backup machines, in reserve for emergencies. They work fine with external keyboards .. and as tablets .. so I won't be recycling them.
But I have decided not to order replacement keyboards and invest the time to swap out the ones that don't work.
The keyboards in the 3147 often fail. I suspect a replacement one would also have a high risk of failure.
I'm not terribly happy about this. They are nice little machines.
But since I doubt they can be upgraded to the point where the risk of another failure is small .. I won't be putting any more time or $ into them.
Unless I suddenly find myself with a ton of time on my hands .. they remain in the basement.


Jul 6, 2015
I opened up both of the computers ... and located connector that services the keyboard. It's next to the hard drive.
In each one, I unlocked the two white tabs, and pulled the ribbon-style connector out.
Then I carefully reinstalled the connector, making sure it was in far enough.
Then I locked it again.
Both computers now work perfectly.
For how long .. I don't know.
But what a difference.
Aug 5, 2018

Hey SilverRaven

I know this thread is old but I need to know if your keyboards are still fixed after re-seating the keyboard cable? I have 3 of the same laptops with the same issues that Im working on. Just need to know if what you did to yours fixed the issue for good?

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