Differentiate between speakers and headphones when both are plugged in?

Sep 5, 2018
when my speakers and headphones are both plugged in, only the speakers work. I want to be able to leave them both plugged in because i am sick of unplugging them constantly so i can use my headphones. is there any way to leave them both plugged in so that i can just manually choose which ones i want to use? i looked in the sound settings on windows 10 and there is only one device called speakers, even when both are plugged in. I don't know much about speakers so if i need to clarify anything just let me know and i will try.
You can split the output that the speakers are connected to. When you want to use the headphones turn the speakers off and plug in the headphones.
If the audio driver doesn't allow you to separate the outputs I don't think there is any software that will help but you could try these.