Display Driver keeps crashing when opening any game.

Piyush Pratheep

Sep 28, 2013
Hello everyone!
I own a Lenovo Y50..the one with GTX 860m 4GB...and have been using this for about 2 years..
It came with stock 8.1 and i upgraded it to win10 last year..but because of the sluggishness...i reinstalled win10 clean last month..
Everything was great until last night...i was playing MW3 online...suddenly it said.."The Display Driver(Nvidia driver) has crashed and has recovered suddenly.."
But suddenly..instead of recovering...my lappy freezed..and gave me a BSOD..saying watchdog violation error...
Next time it restarted...as soon as it reached the desktop..it crashed again...and went into a bootloop..
So i went into safe mode..and removed nvidia driver...then everything was fine..until i reinstalled the driver..now it gives..system thread exception something..
now if i dont disable the nvidia gpu from bios..my lappy would keep crashing when i open any game...now with the integrated gpu..the most i can play is CS :'(
Please help me...has my gpu gone bad?