do phone cameras produce *hidef quality* video?


Oct 19, 2011
do phone cameras really produce hidef quality videos?
In HiDef there are 2 major resolutions out there, 720p (1280×720) & 1080p (1920x1080) at 16:9 ratio.
1080p video will fit exactly on a tv/screen whose natural resolution is 1080p. To get best quality, the source needs to be captured and stored at this resolution, not lesser.

When I watch HiDef movies on my 50" tv, i see the quality being really good which is produced by quality cameras. I was wondering how do phone cameras of the likes of S3, S4 compare when capturing a 1080p video. Or is it some sort of a marketing gimmick?

Also, does it really make a difference to have a phone screen which is well, 720p or 1080p? The screen is so small. On a 50inch tv from a certain distance, we could probably see the difference, but a small 6" screen?


Aug 27, 2013
As far as discussing the Galaxy S4 by Samsung, yes, it is True HD quality. Both the S4's Camera and its 1920x1080 res. screen are Full HD. While the 5" Samsung screen is 1920x1080 the camera formats are a little different then you may think. These camera formats are listed after the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, Samsung's newest in the line of Galaxy smartphones. I also do believe that HD displays verse standard displays, does make a difference when viewing even on a small screen. The image is deeper, more satisfying, and easier on the eyes then Standard def., Just my opinion. Hopefully this helps you a little more. If you have any other questions let me know. i'd be glad to help answer you.

Samsung Galaxy S4 ACTIVE | Camera/Video Formats:
S4 Camera (Still Shot):
-3264x2448 (4:3)
-3264x1836 (16:9)
-2048x1536 (4:3)
-2048x1152 (16:9)
-1280x720 (16:9)
-640x480 (4:3)

S4 Camera (Video):
- 1920x180 (16:9)
*Only Video Format Available.

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