Does Sennheiser g4me one need an amp or is my Motherboard enough?


Jun 3, 2016
So i have this Motherboard:
Gigabyte Z170x gaming g3

Unescessary info between those 2 lines:
Currently i am using my 2-3 year old logitech g35 7.1 gimmicky usb gaming headset.

All i do, is put them through my MOBO's USB DAC-UP (Supposedly it improves their quality, can't personally tell the difference from the USB DAC-UP compared to a normal USB 1.0 , 2.0, 3.0)

Then i install the logitech g35 software and tweak some stuff on the equalizer and still sound shit at the end of the day no matter what i try and get to work with.

So i am intrested in buying Sennheiser G4ME One after having seen hundreds of HardwareCannucks reviews and metntions of them of how impressive their sound is, how comfortable they are and how they satisfy all of a gamer's needs as far as sound,comfort and mic quality goes.


With that said, my MOBO is using this soundcard:
Realtek ALC1150 115dB SNR HD Audio

You can check it out on it's website:

As you can see from the website it has these feutures:

- High end, Japanese branded Nichicon audio capacitors

- GIGABYTE Exclusive : Upgradable OP-AMP

- 115dB SNR HD Audio with Built-in Rear Audio Amplifier

- Exclusive onboard 'Gain Boost' selector switches
+ Select either standard 2.5x or high-amplification 6x mode.
+ 6x mode is ideal for high impedance speakers and headphones

Now, with the specs out of the way, here is my question and purpose of this post:

Will this Sound Card/ Built in AMP bring out the best out of my future owned SENNHEISER G4ME ONE or will i need an AMP?
If i do get an AMP will that AMP make a difference if it's some low budget amp (in the range of 50-100 euros) ?

I am no Audiophile and no expert on how amps and audio frequencies or specs really work.

But i am not a complete noob either.

So i want to be more than just satisfied when i use my Sennheiser G4ME One, will i bring out a full utilization or a close to a full utilization with my MOBO's sound card and built in amps etc? Or will i need something else that will have a night and day difference?


A budget amp at that price is likely to be not a very good amp, and you need to think of the process of getting the signal there. Best you can do is a digital (optic) audio out from your PC, so it's only as good as what your PC is already passing, so youre better off just grabbing it with the headset right off the bat. I also imagine you should stay away from the 6x Gain Boost mode.. I suspect it would add some distortion (THD).


Jun 3, 2016

Wait.. So i thought analog was better than digital?

I am buying an expensive headset here. You are recommending me to use it as digital?

You are saying my MOBO is not capable of having a near perfect experience with that headset that is at 50 Ohm? (my mobo's sound card is at 117 Ohm)

I am not aware of how amps work. From what i've understood, they make sound have an increased volume while maintaining quality and not distorting it.

So let's say i don't use the amps on my MOBO, will it not be powerfull to run it at nearly perfect sound quality without em?

And if i do use amps(they recommend x6 for headphones, but i am planning on testing out the x2.5 and see if i am satisfied) will they increase the volume and the sound quality?