Dv1710US cpu upgrade, blank screen at boot


Oct 13, 2009
I decided to upgrade my laptop from the Celeron M 410 it came with to a Core Duo T2500. They should be totally compatible, they're both socket M, and the chipset in the laptop is a 945GM which should support either of them. HPs support docs specifically mention that this mainboard, which i believe is shared among all the dv1600 and dv1700 series, supports the T2500 cpu.

I know the Core Duo works because i just pulled it out of a Mac Mini while upgrading it.

When i put the Core Duo in the laptop, nothing happens at boot, the lights above the keyboard come on, the cpu fan spins up like always, but the screen stays off and it sits there. If i swap the Celeron back in, it boots fine and i'm typing on it now.

So which is more likely, did i damage the Core Duo somehow, or do i need to reset the bios, or change something to make the core duo work in this laptop?


Oct 13, 2009
I tried pulling the CMOS battery for a few minutes, as it appears there is no jumper or momentary switch on the board (i may have to consult HP to find out more), but that does not appear to have changed anything so far.

The 2nd released bios update for this model specifically lists an update for compatibility with Core Duo chips, I may try rolling the bios back from its current version as a last resort if nothing else works.

I wouldn't think the chip was damaged, i'm very careful pulling and installing them in machines, but i suppose it may just not work at all, so i'll have to verify that in another machine when i get a chance. :ange:


Pulling the CMOS battery should reset the settings regardless of the position of any jumper or switch, provided the motherboard is unpowered. It may take far more than a few hours, though, depending on how slowly the capacitors on the motherboard drain.


Nov 13, 2008
pulling batterry will reset cmos to the first version of bios, you need to upgrade to the latest version. I wouldn't beleive hp's crappy advice that your board takes core duo. did you also think about cooling? do you think a celeron's fan cools just as same as a core duo.
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