Electrical buzzing sound from motherboard Acer aspire vn7-792g


Sep 16, 2014
Hi guys,

The laptop is just 3 month old , I dont know the exact parn number of the motherboard but its equipted with CPU - i7 6700. At first I thought this electrical sound is coming from my HDD aka read/write , I removed it and the sound persist , so I thought it was my fans , but even when I stop them with open notebook , the sound is still there , so when I get closer I can hear its coming under my motherboard. The dealer says it is boost controlers , but the strange thing is that the first 3 months it was fine , and now they are producing this electrical sound , when I put the notebook under some load , for example watching HD movies , when I put it under heavy load i cant hear the sound becaue the fans spinn to fast and cover the electrical sound. I suspect that the warrenty wont RMA my motherboard , with the excuse this is normal.. I read somewhere that if i change the cpu vcore settings from auto to manual, will fix the problem cause the voltage will be constant?
Do you have any suggestion how to proceed , beucase a new MB cost 360 $ and I realy dont want to buy a new one since the notebook is just 3 months old.
Thank you in advance!


Oct 6, 2017

I have the same laptop. Got 3 motherboards replacements. Regarding "Electrical buzzing sound ", do not remember the first and second replacements was there or not "Electrical buzzing sound ", but on third motherboard failure, there were "Electrical buzzing sound ", and the more room temperature got , the louder sound became. At service , after removing keyboard i did see on the top-right corner, black-brown small spots. Its still has warranty.

The sound came from left-buttom corner, but as I did say the damage visualy been on top-right corner.