Frequent BSODs and inability to power on Windows 10 Asus laptop


Sep 5, 2016
Consistent blue screens and occasional inability to boot for periods of time with a windows 10 Asus 1551ln-BBI706. Tried many different things to fix this and I've never felt so stumped by a system.

The blue screen errors I got varied significantly. However, as of recently it almost always comes up with irql_not_less_or_equal and often the screen will go fuzzy as well. Sometimes I can reboot but much of the time I have to wait anywhere from 10 minutes to a day or else the light indicators on the front show the power coming on, hard disk being momentarily activated, and then it powers off.

Googling the different codes honestly just confused me more as people's claims for fixing it ranged from harddrive failure, to driver issues, to needing to reflash the bios, or ram errors (I did try scanning the ram with different software and got no issues).

I tried reinstalling windows a couple times with no success. I was running linux off a flashdrive seemingly fine. However, when I installed it on the harddrive, I got a purple screen eventually and it crashed. The inability to turn it on has come up permanently now, although I feel if I open the computer and disconnect the harddrive again it will work.

Unfortunately, my computer doesn't appear to have been set to spit out debug files each time, but two were created back in July which may help. I'll attach them here:

I also just ordered an SSD and am going to try putting that in with a fresh install of windows to see if that will help. Normally I know computers very well and this has stumped me for a couple months now. I appreciate any input.