Funai dvd/vhs recorder combo model drv-b2737


Dec 4, 2016
Hi everyone,
I have a Funai DVD/VHS recorder combo model DRV-B2737 and would like to know how I can connect this to my LG flat screen tv, what cables do I need and where do all the cables and connectors fit, I do not have hdmi on the combo only two scart sockets and audio connectors,but I have hdmi on my tv. I need to convert all my old vhs tapes onto dvds. Thank you
You are going to have to convert the output of the Funai for playback on your TV.
You can use a Svideo to composite cable
and a RCA audio cable. Some TVs have a shared component - composite input. Check the manual
or a SCART to HDMI converter
Converting your old VHS tapes to DVD is a separate issue and doesn't have anything to do with the TV. If these are regular VHS releases they will have copy guard on them. You will have a problem copying them onto a stand alone DVD recorder. In this case I would just replace the tapes with DVDs (used ones would be cheap) or BD discs.
You could transfer them into a computer and then burn discs. There is software that will bypass the copy guard. You will need a video card with composite input.