Gaming Headset Vs. Sound Card and Analogue Headset (Audio Noob)


Feb 6, 2012
Hello guys.

So, I am stumped and don't know if I should get a dedicated sound card and an analogue headset or a headset with a built in sound card for gaming. I am a complete audio noob and trying to Google information has left me confused, so can anyone offer any advice? Which of these would produce the best quality sound? and can you recommend a good headset/sound card?

I would like to avoid spending more than £200 ($320). I will be using the headset for gaming.

I have Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3P motherboard, link to specs here:
will stereo sound suffice or do you want surround sound?

are you okay with using a clip on or desk mic or does it need to be on the headphones?

the best quality sound will come from a good pair of studio headphones. gaming headsets and gaming surround sound headsets just arent anywhere near the same league. studio headphones however are stereo.

personally i like using my audiotechnica ath-m50s (studio headphones)

its all about your personal preferences.