Gaming Laptop Running Slow

Feb 11, 2018
I have an Asus ROG Strix that's running disgustingly. I feel like startup takes just a little bit too long. Also, all apps take so long to open up. When I open my browser, steam, or even files it takes like 30 seconds. Google Chrome always has this lag to where I can't click anything until I wait for a minute, then it does it again. I try to use Sony Vegas and it's stupid slow. Mortal Kombat X runs damn slow most of the time, sometimes it runs pretty well. It's not a demanding game at all. Nothing I use is very demanding except DOOM and Blender. Maybe Fallout 4. My specs below:

Intel Core i7 7th Gen. 2.8Ghz


Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 4GB VRAM

Windows 10


What's going on? I had another laptop with a 960m which I looked up and it's not as good. But it ran much faster. Nothing went wrong. This computer is full of bugs. My disk usage is almost ALWAYS at 100% even when I'm not running any applications and I have no startup apps other than advanced systemcare. For games, I was able to get DOOM running at around 70fps with mixed medium and high settings. But I get these TERRIBLE lag spikes that freeze the entire game for like 20 seconds while I'm in the middle of something. Then it also makes the audio lose sync with the video. I can't run Fallout 4 over 50fps but that might be normal, not sure. MKX I should be running absolutely perfect, but it's lagging bad most of the time.. Sometimes, mainly when I watch YouTube, the screen turns black for a few seconds and turns back on. I can still see the backlight, so I know it's not the LED. I use Blender for some personal projects and it lags even with only about 700,000 triangles. Which I know for a fact should be running smoothly. I own Norton AntiVirus and other security things with Norton. I did a thorough scan through the entire system and only had 2 bad files which were deleted, but didn't do anything. I deleted all of my bloatware. I changed my preferred graphics card to my dedicated GTX. I updated all my drivers, I ran a disk check, I deleted some of my games cause.... what I'm trying to say is I tried about everything I could find on the internet. I'm almost positive something is wrong with my graphics card. I don't want to restore my system cause I have no cloud backup subscriptions. I might just have to take it to where I got it, since it has a warranty and it's rent to own. Before I do so, if anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate them.

I can't really summarize this in a TL;DR because of the detail. Sorry.




I'd start with a clean Windows setup if you can't find any viruses. It should not take 30 seconds to open a program on that system with a solid state drive. You should be doing backups anyway, so start, and do a system restore. That is pretty much guaranteed what the place you got it from would do. And even if they replace it, you will need to copy all of your stuff over to the new system.