Gaming notebook around $1000 also for multitask

Luis Gustavo

May 15, 2013
Hi there guys.

I want to buy a gaming notebook. My budget is around $1000. Im not interested in design and the size 15 - 17.

I want some thing that i could run WOW at ultra.

Also i like to play strategy games so the system should also be able to play games like Shogun 2: total war, Anno 2070, the new total war that is coming, in at least high setting with some tweaks, would be awesome.

I'm also heavy multi task user, because im a system analyst and sometimes and play and work when i get some freelancing.

I was considerating an Lenovo IdeaPad Y500(~$900). but i dont know if the 750m can take burden and the 5400rpm Hd and only 8 gb ram make me sad.

There is also the Sager NP9130(Sager NP9130 - Custom Sager Laptop | XOTIC PC - (Clevo P151EM1)) with a GeForce GTX 670MX and i can increase its memory to 16bg.($1132)

I also found interesting the MSI GX60 (i found it for $1156)
MSI GX60 1AC-021US - XOTIC PC - 15.6" MSI Gaming Notebook

its a little bit away from my budget but i can make some sacrifices.
BUt its processor AMD® A10-4600M Processor really scares me. I see people saying that it bottleneck the Video card and also i dont know if it can take my multi task stuff well.

My current notebook is a Dell vostro 3500 with a nvidia gt 310m, 4bg ram, and a core i5 460m 2.5ghz. it runs wow on medium settings it run shogun 2 total war and anno 2070 on low settings.

Thats the best options for my budget that i found so far, if guys have any advice or more options id appreciate.

Many thanks.


Jan 15, 2012
For WOW and strategy/RPG games you should probably go intel since they are cpu heavy and highly IPC dependant (Rules out the GX60--in raids the cpu will suffer badly).

8GB ram is plenty, you do not need more for gaming (I highly doubt you will go over 6GB usage even if you are multitasking at the same time).

y500 750m SLI is quite powerful (often more powerful than the 670mx).

But 670mx avoids microstutter problems and SLI issues.

If you can get the SLI y500 then I'd go with that.
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